Online Slot Scatter Symbols Explained

Scatters are special symbols that unlock special features in online slot. Their typical role is triggering the free spins round. However, they can also unlock other bonuses, and landing them during the bonus usually results in extra spins.

Everyone knows that modern slots have evolved past watermelons and fruits in general. They might feature them and stars, sevens, and BARs, but there are also special symbols that trigger bonus rounds and help complete winning combinations. The wild acts as a joker, while the scatter is crucial for triggering the bonus rounds.

In general, they are among the highest-paying symbols in slot games. There are some slots where they pay nothing, but in general, matching 3 or more on the reels results in a cash prize. Plus, some new slot machines have introduced scatter prize jackpots where you score huge wins for landing as many as 10 or 15 scatters simultaneously.

How do Scatters Work?

Scatters are easy to understand. Typically, three scatters trigger the bonus round, although the developer can set the number to four, five, or more for the trigger. In most cases, scatters pave the way for free spins, and usually pay a nice cash prize for combinations of 3 or more.

In scatter pays slots, players get instant cash prizes for landing scatters on the reels, regardless if they trigger a bonus round or not. These slots have become incredibly popular in the past few years, offering jackpot-like prizes when a player fills a screen with them. There’s usually a separate paytable with scatter cash prizes on the left of the slot that tells you what to expect.

Do All Online Slots Feature Scatters?

There’s a growing number of slots that doesn’t feature scatters, instead opting for special bonus symbols. But the majority of online slots feature them, especially those with free spins bonus rounds.

Types of Slot Scatters

While the scatter hasn’t evolved as much as the wild, there are still a few different types of scatters you need to know about.

  • Free spins scatters: this is the typical slot scatter – land 3 or more to get to the bonus round.
  • Scattered wilds: wilds can sometimes play a dual role doubling as a scatter, like in the famed Book of… slots.
  • Cash prize scatters: land a certain number of scatters – win a prize. It’s that simple.
  • Bonus game scatters: while scatters mostly trigger free spins rounds, they can also land to trigger another bonus game.
  • Jackpot scatters: fill the screen with scatters to hit a jackpot.

Slot scatters are special symbols that are most commonly used to trigger bonus rounds. They usually carry some value, but there are slots where they pay nothing.

Scatter wins work in the same way as symbol wins. Land three or more on the reels to get a payout and possibly trigger a free spins round.

Yes, they can and they do. In the majority of slots, you get paid for three or more symbols on the reels. In scatter pays slots, they can pay bigger prizes if you fill the screen with them.

Just like wilds, scatters land randomly on the reels. Whenever they do, you can bet that something special is going to happen.

If they play the role of a scatter and wild like in Book of Dead, then yes, they can replace other symbols in winning combos.


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