Guide to Online Slot Retrigger Feature

Slots are full of unique features, and they often come with retriggers. As the name explains, this is a feature that starts a bonus or feature once again.

This is a feature that’s most common in a free spins round, but retriggers might be possible on other bonus games as well.

In this slot retrigger guide, we’ll tell you more about this unique feature.

What is Retriggering in Slots?

Retriggers are a feature in slot games that allow you to replay a bonus round for bigger cash prizes. This happens when you match three or more bonus symbols or scatters, which essentially launches the bonus again. It’s a great way to extend your ‘stay’ in the bonus round and hopefully win better prizes.

How Does the Retrigger Happen?

In general, free spins bonuses are triggered by at least 3 scatters. That’s the combination needed for retriggers too, but this time, the scatters should land in the bonus round. That’s why the feature is called retrigger – it gives you yet another shot at trying your luck in the bonus round. This happens randomly, of course, so you have no way to influence the retrigger other than crossing your fingers.

Slot retriggers are a special feature that relaunches the bonus round. Typically, they are retriggered by the same symbol combination – for example, three scatters or bonus symbols on the reels during free spins will launch the same round again. The number of free spins you get per retrigger varies. In most cases, you’ll be getting as many as the original trigger. In some cases, retriggers may give you less free games or more.

Yes, retriggers occur fully automatically. You can’t influence them in any way, so unless the combination of symbols lands on the reels, you won’t relaunch the bonus round.

Yes, they are. While some slots may offer a Bonus Buy feature that can help you buy the bonus or a retrigger, in most cases, they are free.

The most common way to retrigger a bonus slot feature is to land three scatters. That’s the original triggering combo and the only way to retrigger the round.

Yes, they are. Retriggers are not exclusively available in real money mode only, so you can get when you play for fun too.


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