Guide to Slot Multipliers

Multipliers are among the best specials that offer a dramatic increase in payouts and give players bigger possibilities to hit the top cash prizes.

Slots these days have a host of features and symbols that make them more entertaining than ever. In this guide to multipliers, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about them.

What Are Multipliers?

As the name suggests, multipliers are a special feature in slots that can increase the potential payouts by a certain number. Their goals is to double, triple, quadruple, or increase your payouts by as much as x100 or more. Of course, this doesn’t happen just like that. Random multipliers are a bit smaller than those triggered during features. Multipliers that come in free spins and bonus rounds are typically higher and may be uncapped.

Some multipliers will multiply wins, others will multiply the line bet. Every slot game uses these symbols one way or another, but they all have one thing in common – excellent winning potential thanks to the multipliers.

How do They Work?

As mentioned earlier, multipliers increase your wins several times form a pre-determined set of boosters. For example, hitting a certain combination or scoring a multiplier wild in a win might double it. Multipliers can triple your wins or even hit x100, although these usually come in bonus rounds.

Types of Multipliers

There are several different types of multipliers that work in the same way. The symbol might be different, but the booster will still multiply your wins by the pre-determined value.

  • Wild multipliers: these multipliers are pretty common and typically double your wins. Wilds with multipliers must be part of a win to multiply it.
  • Scatter multipliers: some slots have scatter multipliers that work similarly to multiplier wilds. At the same time, scatters might also trigger a special feature, and the landed multiplier might transfer to the bonus round.
  • Special symbol multipliers: aside from scatters and wilds, special multiplier symbols can also appear. It all depends on a slot – check the paytable or guide to see how special multipliers work

How High Can Slot Multipliers Go?

The developer is in charge of setting possible limits on the slot’s multipliers. In base games, it usually is capped to either double or triple boosts. In Megaways slots, for example, multipliers can hit x20 during cascades or they may not have a cap, which means they’ll go on as high as possible if you’re lucky.

Multipliers are a unique slot feature that boosts your wins or line bets by a pre-determined value. It’s common for base games to have double wild multipliers which double any win they’re a part of.

Yes and no – it depends on the slot. Wild multipliers, for example, land randomly and boost any win they’re a part of. In some slots, hitting a special feature will result in a multiplied win.

In most cases, they are. Multipliers are usually smaller in the base game and can go much higher (or be uncapped) in the bonus round.

There’s no strategy that can help you land multipliers. They either land randomly or come as part of a feature.

Multipliers wilds are regular wilds that substitute for other symbols in winning combinations, but they can also double your wins or boost them higher.


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