Free Spins Feature

Of the bonus features that are found in slots, the free spins often return the largest wins to players, and that is why free spins are so coveted.

The themes, features and aspects of slots set them apart from each other. Often, ‌the bonus features are exactly why a player chooses a specific slot over another.

What defines free spins?

Simply put, free spins are spins that the player wins and does not have to cover by placing a bet. However, the player can keep the winnings from these spins. These spins are, in most cases, triggered by symbols that land on the reels. These symbols vary from slot to slot but are often awarded by scatter symbols.

Free spins also come in many forms, some can only be triggered once at the beginning of the feature. In some slots, free spins can be re-triggered multiple times by fulfilling certain conditions. Players that are lucky enough to receive free spins will only receive a few, which will be played at the initiating bet that triggered the feature. Another defining aspect of free spins is that they could be played on the same reels as the base game, however, they are often played on a unique set of reels with different rules to the base game. Some of the additional features might become available, different symbols, multipliers or, sometimes, more reels.

Another form of free spin is the re-spin that can be triggered. Some slot will award a re-spin after each winning round, others after a losing. Sometimes, players receive only a few spins, which can be re-triggered if they land a symbol, which then resets the re-spin counter.

Popular Slots with Free Spins Feature

How do I get free spins?

To win free spins, you need to first make sure of what the requirements are for being awarded this bonus. In the first place, ‌look at the paytable often found in the information menu. This will list the symbols and number that will trigger the free spins, and how many spins will be awarded to the player should they land the required symbols. Often, the more of a particular symbol that lands, the more spins you receive.

Another popular method by which free spins can be triggered is by using the buy feature. The buy feature allows players to buy the feature at a price reflective of their stake. The higher your stake, the higher the price of the feature. However, players need to exercise caution, they are not guaranteed to win more than they spend on buying the feature.

Is it worth it?

When it comes to free spins, there are not that many features, symbols or bonuses that are more rewarding. Players will often keep playing just to trigger the free spins, as a good bonus round can turn a losing game around and put you back on a winning streak. Whatever the form these free spins take, it is definitely where most of the excitement of the slot lies.


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