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New Game released by Gaming Corps – Angry Elf Goes Mining

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“That’s correct. You’ve already heard it. Our very own Angry Elf, the least pleasant tenant of the North Pole, is at it once again! This time round, Nathen-Yell is in charge of Christmas Miner, a modern crypto-inspired Mine Game in which no gloves are needed!”

Nathan-Yell was sacked last Christmas after exactly 294 years of undesirable attitude, drinking on the job, and profanity. Since then, he’s been spreading havoc around the North Pole. Santa recently rehired Nathan Yell for a trial period at the post office, demonstrating his actual kindness. Bet let’s be honest, we are all aware that it was a horrible choice.

Nathan-Yell is busy doing everything except work instead of sorting the arriving letters from rosy-cheeked children all around the globe. He broke a windowpane while playing indoor tennis. He entered himself into a cupcake eating competition and smeared frosting on all of the letters from a Croatian community. Nathan Yell spent a week writing “Fungus cream” on the wish lists of youngsters with names that begin with letter S. He sits on the floor, drinks black coffer mixed with rum, and plays games when he gets bored.

angry elf game layout

Nathan-Yell despises all the games, but his favorites are vintage minesweeper games in which “things can get blown up,” as he puts it –for which we apologize-. And, while he isn’t especially fond of Christmas, he does enjoy one modern mine game that resembles a pretty advent calendar from which you can either get a present or a lump of coal. You know, like the stockings that kids get for Christmas. After all, that nasty, angry excuse for an elf might have a silver of some tenderness.

After his consumption of drugged coffee, we strongly advice avoid flaking on the job or enjoying indoor tennis. In fact, we strongly advise you to avoid anything that Nathan-Yell does. However, if you happen to be on the mood for something rather festive and fun, you might want to try his favorite Christmas Mine game. Wouldn’t it be nice if you somehow ended up with a stack of presents? A little bit of counteract Nathan-dampening Yell’s effect on our festive cheer, which is, unhappily, back in our life this Christmas season.

Christmas Miner is a fun, modern mining game with some elements of crypto money and classic minesweeper games. This game is played on a 55-squared grid that contains either presents or lumps of coal. Starting December 1st, chosen operators will offer the service.

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