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Themes play an important part when it comes to slots. The theme is probably the first thing that you will notice about a slot. You also notice that there are almost as many themes as there are slots, but it was not always this way.

Before the rise of the modern-day video slot, these casino games were built using mechanical reels, which left very little room for the imagination. Slots were often centred around fruit themes, which quickly became monotonous.

With the rise of the computer and internet, slots entered a new era. The reels could now be displayed on the screen, rather than mechanical reels. They could develop highly detailed backgrounds, improve the audio, and never-before-imagined mechanics and features were implemented. The imagination became the limit and developers could turn almost anything that could be dreamt into an online slot theme, with the help of the evolution of graphics power, of course.

Online slots are now being developed at a breakneck speed, almost daily, new slots are being released. No doubt the internet has opened doors that would not otherwise have been possible. Online casinos can now host thousands of slots, in as many categories and themes as possible. You can filter slots based on various criteria, of which themes are just one aspect.

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Popularity of themes

Themes add to the entertainment value of a slot, rather than just displaying fruit on the reels, you can now have characters and a story. Players get invested and they want to see where the story leads. Bonus features reveal details that the base game just hints at. You can steal treasures or get chased mummies, sink pirate ships or travel in space. You never know when these features will trigger or if you will see the whole feature or just part of it.

Many of the slot features revolve around the theme. The wilds and scatter symbols all tie into a theme. Amazing audio, play when you trigger certain aspects of the game, bringing the theme even more to life.

One of the most popular themes to date has got to be the Egyptian. Something about Egypt brings players back time and again. These slots are filled with magic and mystery and often tie into the “Book of” concepts.

Vikings slots are also some of the most popular, these often feature runes and characters such as Odin, Thor and Loki. The magic and intrigue of the mythologies that these slots are based on provides an almost unending source of inspiration from which develops can draw.

Asian based slots provide just as much source material. These slots are based on a rich background that provides a unique twist to their western counterparts. Asian based slots are very popular due to having so many luck based symbols, which players from the Asian countries prefer.

One of the most popular slots is branded slots, often featuring a high-profile brand. These themes tie into the movies, rock stars, tv-shows or other brands they are based on. Many players simply play these slots because they feature characters they love.

Future of slot themes

With the rise of technology, the future for slot themes is bright. New technology means invitation and the slot industry is fast at adopting new tech. Players need to be entertained while they play and to keep entertaining new players, themes will be done better, redone and reimagined.


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