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Tens or Better Casino Game

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Tens or Better Casino Game

If you are someone who has experience with video poker, you will have heard of a game called Jacks or Better. If you’re playing Jacks or Better, your hand must have a value of at least a pair of jacks if there is going to be a payout heading a player’s way.

Now, that game has proven to be incredibly popular with punters because the pair of jacks is a decent threshold to aim for where wins are concerned. But, what if we told you there was a game out there that goes one better? Well, there is, and it’s called Tens or Better.

And yes, you guessed it, in Tens or Better, you need a hand that comprises of a pair of tens or better to win a cash prize. So, your chances of walking away a winner are increased when playing this version of video poker, which makes the ideal choice for many gamers.

Again, Tens or Better is another version of video poker that is popular across the board, proving that the variety in the genre has been pivotal to its success. And, as always, it’s another video poker title that is featured at many of the top online casinos on the internet.


When you’re ready to play Tens or Better, your first task will be to visit an online casino where it’s available and to load into the game. Of course, on loading the game, you’re going to decide on how much you want to wager. Bear in mind this is the only opportunity you will have to do so.

When you have sorted your bets out, the next step is to start the game. Initially, punters will have five cards dealt to them. At this point, they must get to work on deciding which of the cards they want to take forward with them, which they feel are of no use and should be discarded.

When the decisions to hold and discard have been made, the dealer will deliver replacement cards to ensure the punter has a hand of five to work with. A player’s decisions in the previous round are crucial as this will be the final hand, so having at least a pair of tens is a must.

If a player has a winning hand, they will receive a payout at this point. And if not, their bet will be discarded. When this stage of the game is complete, a new round will start, and players will be welcome to place bets again.

  • Aiming for a pair of tens is a decent minimum win threshold
  • Simple game to pick up
  • Excellent payback percentage
  • Can run for a long time when playing with a small budget
  • Perfect video poker title for mobile
  • Odds for a full house are more advantageous in Jacks or Better
  • Game is very similar to other video poker titles
  • May not be the game if you want to win big
  • You can get through rounds fast, and budgets
  • Full pay versions of the game are rare

Best Casinos To Play Tens Or Better

Video poker moving into the online casino world started life with only a couple of versions of the game available. Fast forward to the present day, and there are loads of different styles of video poker, and variety has very much been the key to success. Tens or Better is one of those versions that has come to the fore, with many punters being a fan, which has seen operators want to host it on their respective platforms as a result.

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again, gaming operators are building out video poker selections on their sites, akin to what we see with other table games and slots. So naturally, if a game is popular, and Tens or Better is, it is going to be front and centre to draw in punters. The casinos that are generally offering the best video poker selections, which often include live versions, are also usually the top real money casino sites in the industry, which comes with a lot of benefits for a player to take advantage of.

These benefits will often include casino bonuses. You will regularly see offers such as no deposit deals for both new and existing players, and they can be used to play Tens or Better in most circumstances. Generic promotions will be useable too, which is another plus.

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Tens or Better is just another version of video poker where there is a lot to like. You can immediately point to it being a game many will consider playing over Jacks or Better, for example, because you need a pair of tens to win a prize, instead of a couple of jacks.

You will often find that the conclusion for video poker titles is often similar because all the different versions take what’s good about the base game and add to it. So, again, Tens or Better is another style of video poker that requires little learning. You can be a complete novice and learn to enjoy the game in a round or two.

Tens or Better Rules

You’re not going to ever find a video poker title that comes with a lengthy rulebook. It just wouldn’t happen. And, the great news is that this applies to Tens or Better as well. The fact that there are fewer rules with games such as Tens or Better is one reason why video poker is so popular with beginners.

Before you start playing, you must place your bets and set your stake. You will only get the one chance to place a wager before the game begins, so it’s vital to heed the advice and make sure you set your stake to where you want it to be before clicking deal.

It’s not really a rule, but after the first five cards are dealt and then replacement cards are issued, you will need at least a pair of tens if you are to receive a payout. A hand of a lesser value will result in a loss, and the player’s bet will be discarded.

You will also only have one round where you can choose to hold or discard cards that you have in hand. And the decisions you make at this stage are sure to impact the next round, where you won’t be able to make adjustments.

Tens or Better Tips

We have mentioned Jacks or Better a few times already in our review of Tens or Better. And, we’re mentioning this version of video poker again because all the tips that are suggested for it will work with Tens or Better, which is excellent news for those who have played Jacks or Better previously.

The suggestions for Tens or Better will often revolve around your decisions after the initial draw. For example, if you have a pair of tens, and no other wins look likely, run with it. However, you should also consider sticking with what you have got if the odds of a better hand are against you, even if they represent a big payout.

Because you could suggest that landing a winning hand is easier than if you are playing other versions of video poker, it will be important that you make your bankroll last as long as possible. You can do this by putting in place a wagering plan, which will involve staking a small percentage of your overall bankroll.

If you do the above, you will be able to take advantage of the advantageous payback percentage, which will work in your favour the longer you play. You should always come out with a decent return if you stick to your plan.

Why Tens Or Better Is So Popular?

It’d be easy to say that because of video poker’s popularity, it almost guarantees that different versions of the game are going to get off to a good start. And it’s true. But where Tens or Better is concerned, you could also suggest that Jacks or Better’s popularity has helped develop a good level of interest in it.

Of course, playing the game and knowing that a pair of tens as a minimum is a significant plus, especially when you consider in Jacks or Better, you need a couple of jacks. So, naturally, some will see this as a way to increase their chances of winning.

And a common feature across all video poker titles is that they’re incredibly easy to get the hang of, and the same applies to Tens or Better. You place your bets, you decide which cards from the five you want to keep, and then hope you end up with a final hand worth a payout. New players will be up to speed in a round or two.

Jacks or Better is very similar to Tens or Better. In Jacks or Better, you need a pair of jacks as a minimum to win.

A pair of tens in the minimum requirement in Tens or Better. It will pay evens or 1:1.

Yes, it’s recommended that those new to Tens or Better play for free to learn the game before playing with real cash.

You should land tens or better around 25% of the time.

The average payback percentage, which will apply to long term play, is around 99.1%.

It’s easier to find a winning hand in Tens or Better, but some of the odds, such as those for a full house, are more advantageous when playing Jacks or Better.

If you fancy your chances, you can hit double and gamble your winnings. You will receive five cards, with four of them face down, aiming to land a winning hand.

The top prize comes from a Royal Flush in Tens or Better.

The average house edge in Tens or Better is around the 0.7%-0.9% mark.

The game relies on the luck of the draw. But, the decisions you make when holding and discarding will prove pivotal.

Usually, a Bet Max option is included with Tens or Better games.


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