Blackjack Perfect Pairs

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Blackjack Perfect Pairs Casino Game

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Blackjack Perfect Pairs Casino Game

If you love playing card games, especially at online casinos, you’re naturally going to be a fan of Blackjack Perfect Pairs. It’s arguably the most popular card game around, and it’s incredibly easy to get to grips with, even if you’re a total beginner. All of that good stuff has led to somewhat of a blackjack evolution, with different ways to play the game being developed and so on.

Because of the solid foundation that is blackjack in its original form, it’s easy to see how we now have different versions of the game available to play, of which Perfect Pairs is one of them. So you could say it’s about taking something great and making it better and more exciting, and that’s what happens in Perfect Pairs because you’re still playing the original form of blackjack.

However, Blackjack Perfect Pairs adds a bit more excitement to the game as it’s a side bet, which will also boost the winning potential. Players will place a side bet on the first two cards dealt, making a pair, with three different types of pairs up for consideration. So, they could be winners and then win the game of blackjack, which isn’t bad going at all.


If you know how to play blackjack, you’re halfway there where Perfect Pairs is concerned, as it is only a side bet that you will be placing. To play this version of blackjack, you must first find a game online. Then, before the main game begins, you will place your side bet on the first two cards dealt to you by the dealer making a pair.

The pairs can include a mixed pair, coloured pair or a perfect pair, with all three paying at different odds. The next part of the game will get underway when the bet is placed, and no more side bets can be struck.

The next part of Perfect Pairs is, of course, for the dealer to deal the cards. Two will be dealt to the player and two to the dealer. The cards dealt to the player are the ones that matter where Perfect Pairs is concerned, as it’s these that must be a pair for the bet to payout. The dealer will settle any winning bets at this point, and then the main blackjack game will commence and play to a conclusion. Another side bet can be placed when the last main run of blackjack has ceased.

  • Chance to win in the same game twice
  • Odds for a perfect pair are great
  • You’re still getting to play blackjack
  • No learning required
  • Perfect Pairs is becoming more popular
  • Perfect Pairs isn’t revolutionary
  • The odds are really against you landing the elusive perfect pair
  • From eight decks, only seven cards will be able to land you the big prize
  • It’s not a real evolution of blackjack
  • There are better versions of blackjack out there

Best Casinos To Play Blackjack Perfect Pairs

There is one thing you can be sure of online casinos will have blackjack available to play on their platforms. And why wouldn’t they? It’s the most famous card game in the world. However, what has become common over time is that operators are putting together a collection of blackjack games rather than just having one or two. Of course, in a collection, there must be variety, and this is where Perfect Pairs comes into play, and it’s why you’re likely to find it available to play at all the top sites.

Determining which casinos are the best will come down to an individual player and what they expect to see. For example, blackjack in any of its guises, including Perfect Pairs, is ideal for mobile play. So, you want that accessibility across a range of devices, including smartphones and computers. You also want to be able to use a bonus or two to your advantage, and this is possible with Perfect Pairs because it falls under the blackjack umbrella.

So, punters could sign up at a new online casino and get some free chips or use a generic welcome offer in conjunction with Perfect Pairs, which will prove advantageous. In addition, the best casinos will have promotions available regularly for both new and existing players.

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If you’re a fan of blackjack, you’re going to be a fan of Perfect Pairs. There’s no way you can’t be, as you’re still playing blackjack, but with a side bet in-play before the central part of the game gets underway. And, as we keep saying, who is going to complain at having the potential to win twice in the same round?

The odds of landing the Perfect Pair are against you, of course. But, if you play Blackjack Perfect Pairs regularly, you’re going to win some extra cash more than likely, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s just blackjack with a bit more going on. And we like it as it’s like going for a meal and having a couple of courses rather than just the main.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs Rules

The rules for Perfect Pairs are straightforward because it’s just a small period that includes a side bet before the main game of blackjack will get underway. Of course, the first point to note is that you will only have a set time to place a Perfect Pairs bet. If you don’t have it in place before the cards are dealt, then you’re out of luck and will have to wait until the next round.

Before the dealer deals the cards, the player must set their wager for their Perfect Pairs bet. On placing the bet, they must understand that only mixed pairs, coloured pairs and perfect pairs will be accepted as winning bets. When the bet is placed, it cannot be changed or withdrawn, and the player must wait for the cards to be dealt.

The cards will be dealt, and the player will see if they have a pair or even a perfect pair, or if they’ve not been lucky this time around. The dealer will check and verify the bet, pushing through any returns that are due before continuing to the main game of blackjack. No more bets can be placed at this point where pairs are concerned.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs Tips

The first main tip when it comes to Perfect Pairs is to understand the odds and know that you will only have a small window to place a side bet before the game begins. As always, yes, it’s a good thing that you are potentially going to have the opportunity to win a couple of times in the same game. But, at the same time, it means that the total wager you’re going to be placing will be more than it would if you are playing a standard round of blackjack. So, it’s essential to adjust your wagering strategy accordingly.

If you can somehow use bonuses to your advantage when playing Perfect Pairs, it will prove to be better off, as it will reduce your total bet. Staying consistent with your stakes is also a tip that many should take forward. If you land a Perfect Pair, don’t assume you will land another because the odds of drawing a second card needed to form one will always be 59/1, regardless of the last result coming up trumps for you. In terms of tips or strategies that can make winning easier, they don’t exist, unfortunately. It all comes down to the luck of the draw.

Why BJ Perfect Pairs Is So Popular?

There is no getting away from Blackjack Perfect Pairs being able to live off the popularity of blackjack. And what we mean by this is that the game’s popularity is already in place and already at a high level because Perfect Pairs isn’t a new version of blackjack. It’s just an additional side bet in reality. However, Perfect Pairs provides punters with an extra layer of excitement, entertainment, and winning potential, and they’re elements that everyone will find satisfying. Perfect Pairs is just blackjack elevated.

You could suggest that Perfect Pairs will have a degree of popularity because it breaks the norm in many ways. For punters who may play blackjack regularly, it could prove to destroy any monotony they’re feeling. And, who isn’t going to give the thumbs up to have the potential to win twice in the same game? Perfect Pairs takes all the good stuff brought to the table by blackjack and then adds a bit of magic, which is the telling factor.

Pairs in this game are two cards with the same numerical value when they’re two to ten or the same face value for playing cards – jacks, queens, kings and aces.

In Perfect Pairs, a mixed pair, coloured pair and perfect pair pay, all at different odds.

A punter must place the side bet for Perfect Pairs before any cards are dealt.

The side bet for Perfect Pairs will be settled before the main game of blackjack begins.

You will usually get around 5/1 for a mixed pair, 10/1 for a coloured pair and 30/1 for a perfect pair.

If there are eight decks in play, you will likely have odds of 59/1 to pick up the card you need to make a perfect pair.

You will have to be aged eighteen or over in most places to play Perfect Pairs, as it’s still blackjack, and it’s still gambling.

Of course, you can play blackjack for fun, and there will be demo versions of blackjack perfect pairs around. But it’s worth noting Perfect Pairs is just a side bet.

Akin to any blackjack game, Perfect Pairs versions will work on mobile, desktop and tablet, and come in-browser ready in most circumstances.

Other versions of blackjack include blackjack switch, European blackjack and lots more.

You could win big if you land a Perfect Pair. You could win even bigger by landing a Perfect Pair and then winning the round of blackjack.


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