Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette Live Game

4.3 / 5. 3

Game Provider: Evolution Gaming


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Paylines: 0

Progressive: N/A

Type: Live Game

Theme: N/A

Volatility: High

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Lightning Roulette

Roulette is one of those games that has been around for what seems like forever. But, unlike quite a few titles that have decades of history behind them, roulette is a game that has proven itself capable of moving with the times, allowing it to stay popular and relevant to this day.

When you look at the history of roulette, it’s fair to say that it’s come a hell of a long way. The best way to describe the process is that there has been an evolution, which is interesting, and you’ll see why shortly. But, from casino floors to the online world and now into live online casino settings, roulette is still going strong and is as popular as ever.

We mentioned the word evolution in the paragraph above, and we’re going to reveal its importance here. The creators of Lightning Roulette, the title we’re checking out today, are Evolution Gaming. They’re the best in the business where live casino is concerned, bar none. But, they have also proven themselves capable of evolving games, and we see that here.

It’s not a case of roulette suddenly needing to be reinvented. Evolution are good, but they’re not here to reinvent the wheel. So, again, the buzzword is evolve. And, in typical Evolution Gaming style, the expert content developers make subtle tweaks and adjustments to the base game of roulette to present a fresh and exciting experience.


Before we get underway with this section, we want to make it clear that Lightning Roulette stays true to roulette in its original form. Players who enjoy their roulette aren’t going to load up the game and be greeted by something completely different to the games they have enjoyed in the past. But, as we mentioned above, there are subtle tweaks here and there.

Lightning Roulette, which plays in real-time, is hosted by a presenter rather than controlled by a croupier. And what we mean by this is that the host is a host, rather than a dealer, so the wheel will spin automatically, for example. You could say that this Evolution Gaming release has gameshow vibes going on.

Of course, akin to what we see with every game of roulette, there is an initial betting period where punters will place their wagers. But, unlike the standard game, following the round of betting, there is another period to go before the game begins, and this is where lightning enters the stage.

When players have placed their bets, lighting will strike up to five numbers on the board, and this will apply multipliers to the positions worth up to 500x the bet. So, for those punters who are going with straight-up bets, it could see the returns increase substantially.

We talked about subtle tweaks earlier, and this is a prime example. Does it reinvent the game or detract it from what makes roulette what it is? No, it doesn’t. But, the inclusion of roulette strikes and multipliers adds more excitement and more winning potential.

Why Lightning Roulette Is So Popular?

It’d be easy to immediately point to the changes that Evolution Gaming have made to suggest this is why Lightning Roulette is so popular, but you could also argue that the fact the development team has retained that authentic roulette experience is equally as important. And, to add to that further, with Lightning Roulette being a live casino game, it’s also an authentic real-life gaming venue experience that is delivered, which is a massive plus.

When roulette moved into the online casino world, the experience of playing the game in a live setting was lost somewhat. Yes, you got the convenience of being able to play whenever and wherever, but the social occasion and so on were very much lost. But, thanks to Evolution Gaming, not only is that experience back on the cards, but it too is available on-demand.

And, to add to all the above, the lightning and multipliers are really going to bring this game to life further. When a new version of a game is released, you’re immediately looking for it to be more fun, which Lightning Roulette is. But, it’s potentially significantly more rewarding too.

Best Casinos To Play Lightning Roulette

When anyone is deliberating on where to play a casino game, of course, they want to enjoy a title on the best platforms possible. So if they can play Lightning Roulette at a basic casino site or one that has all the bells and whistles on, it’s obvious which one they’ll opt for.

Luckily, as a casino title, Lightning Roulette has a lot going for it in this area. First, it’s an Evolution Gaming release. Being the best at live casino means that all the top gaming operators want to host their content. So, naturally, if you’re enjoying Lightning Roulette, you’re going to be doing so on some of the best online casinos around.

So, straight off the bat, one thing you can be sure of is that if you’re playing Lightning Roulette, you have the option of doing so at some of the best online and mobile casinos on the planet. And, from there, it will always be a case of personal preferences coming into play.

One thing that the best casinos are good at that will undoubtedly be a crucial factor where Lightning Roulette players are concerned is providing bonuses. Whether it’s a welcome offer or something else, punters are sure to find perks that they can go on to use when playing this Evolution Gaming release.

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Lightning Roulette Rules

Where games like Lightning Roulette are concerned, the main portion of rules or guidance will always revolve around the betting, because this part of the game is integral to everything that happens. And while Lightning Roulette differs slightly from a standard version of European roulette, the same applies.

When the betting period begins, players must be ready to place their wagers. They’re only going to have a limited amount of time to do so, and if you miss the cut-off, you’re going to be left waiting until the next round before you can get involved. And, you could face the embarrassment of seeing your proposed bet coming good, but your wager not being in play.

The lightning striking the board in this Evolution Gaming release is also key to the action that unfolds. If multipliers are involved, massive wins are possible. But, you’re only going to have chance of realising this with straight-up bets. So, remember that if you want a chance of bagging a return of up to 500x, you need to be wagering on individual numbers.

The final part of rules and guidance we can suggest relates to etiquette. You must remember that you’re playing along live and interactive. So, it’s important to always treat everyone with respect, including the host, who will converse with players when the opportunity to do so arises.

Lightning Roulette Tips

Our first tip for Lightning Roulette is to try and get involved with straight-up bets, because if you land a massive multiplier, and you’re playing with a decent stake, the returns could be significant. In our opinion, players will load this title because they are aiming to see the lightning strike their numbers. Otherwise, they’d just play a standard version of the game.

As everyone knows, rounds in roulette get from the beginning to the end incredibly quickly. And this can mean that bankrolls shrink just as fast. So what will be key when playing Lightning Roulette is to work out a betting strategy and stick to it as best as possible.

Of course, there will be times when players win a bit. But, this shouldn’t then be a reason to deviate from managing your bankroll. Otherwise, your funds to play with could disappear a lot quicker than expected. Winning runs and losing runs won’t last, so don’t start betting bigger in either case.

Our final tip is to enjoy the experience. One thing is for sure, Evolution have created an authentic land-based casino experience, but on-demand and in a way where there are extra levels of excitement and winning potential to get stuck into.


When Evolution Gaming are in town, you know the content is going to be good. They stick to their blueprint here, the one that has served them so well over the years. They present a roulette game, but with a couple of subtle differences, but they’re enough to elevate everything to a whole new level. But the changes aren’t that dramatic. They don’t take away everything that punters like about roulette as a standard title.

If you can take a game in its original form, add more excitement and more winning potential, and do all that in a live setting, you know you’re onto a winner. Evolution Gaming ticks all these boxes with aplomb, with a lot of effort going into making the interactive experience something everyone comes away talking about.

  • Impressive RTP;
  • Multipliers can significantly boost winnings;
  • Betting range makes the game accessible;
  • Everything happens in real-time and is interactive;
  • Can utilise the autoplay function.
  • You’re not going to see big multipliers too often;
  • There’s no fast-play option;
  • Returns begin at a lower level than in standard games;
  • You can get through a bankroll fast;
  • Game is based on European roulette, which won’t be everyone’s favourite.

Evolution Gaming released Lightning Roulette in 2018.

The return to player available in this title is 97.30%

The minimum bet you can place is 20c.

The maximum wager you can run with is €10,000.

Yes, Lightning Roulette is the perfect title for mobile gamers to enjoy.

Lightning Roulette is based on the European version of roulette.

A standard straight-up bet pays at 29/1.

You must be eighteen or over in most instances to play Lightning Roulette.

The lowest multiplier that can come into play is 50x.

The multipliers can rise as high as 500x when the lightning strikes the board.

It is recommended punters use Google Chrome to enjoy Lightning Roulette at its best.


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