lightning blackjack

Lightning Blackjack Live Game

5 / 5. 1

Game Provider: Evolution Gaming


Reels: 0

Paylines: 0

Progressive: N/A

Type: Live Game

Theme: Interactive

Volatility: High

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Lightning Blackjack

If you were asked to think of a card game that has been in existence for decades, blackjack would undoubtedly be right at the top of most people’s lists. Unlike a lot of other card games, blackjack had a life before it hit the casino world. But, years down the line, you could say that it’s continued to grow rather than its popularity waning.

One of the reasons why blackjack’s popularity has continued on an upward trajectory is because it’s not a game that has been willing to stay as it is in its original form all the way through. Instead, there have often been versions released that freshen things up, and none more so than titles that are hot off the Evolution Gaming production line.

Evolution Gaming, who are renowned for their work when it comes to creating live casino content and experiences, have very much mastered the craft of building on a successful game’s original form. Lightning Blackjack, the focus of today’s review, is further evidence of this.

Evolution Gaming isn’t a developer that is going to take hold of a game such as blackjack and rip it apart and then go on to rebuild it. You just can’t do that. But, what their modus operandi is that they add to a game, without taking away from it. So, it naturally retains everything that made it good in the first place.


If you know how to play blackjack as standard, you’re going to find it incredibly easy to get to grips with Lightning Blackjack by Evolution Gaming. The only difference that is immediately noticeable is that there is a lightning fee, which sees the price of wagers rise by 100%, which is important to remember where bankroll management is concerned.

As with traditional games of blackjack, there will be a betting period before the action gets underway. Players will put their money down here before cards are dealt to them by the dealer. They will also, as you will expect, have the same options open to them, such as hitting, standing, doubling and splitting.

Players will have their two cards, and will also be able to see one of the dealer’s cards as it will be face up. After deciding on their own course of action, punters will then watch on as the dealer plays through their hand, attempting to hit or get as near to twenty-one as possible.

The subtle tweaks will come into play if a punter is the winner of the round. But, it’s not a standard prize offering across the board. Instead, the multipliers will correlate to the card total. Players must be aiming to win the round in style to land the bigger multipliers.

What’s also worth noting is that when a multiplier comes into play at the end of a round, it won’t apply itself there and then. Instead, it will make a difference after that. So, be aware that if you change your wager at this point, the multiplier will only apply to the portion active when it was picked up.

Why Lightning Blackjack Is So Popular?

Blackjack is a game that most casino players, especially those who enjoy their table games, simply love. In the eyes of most punters, it’s the best card game around, and regardless of how it’s dressed up, it’s always going to be a popular choice as a result of its standing.

Lightning Blackjack is, of course, also made by Evolution Gaming. We say it all the time, but they’re the best at live casino, and it’s not even close. So, players will know they’re not only going to be getting their hands on a great game, but they’ll enjoy the ultimate experience to go with it.

Lightning Blackjack is also part of a hit series from this development team in particular. We have already seen Lightning Roulette, and it was well-received and remains popular to this day. Evolution uses the blueprints that work to keep giving punters what they want, and that’s the case here.

Finally, Evolution’s work recreates that authentic casino experience too. So, not only are punters enjoying a fresh version of blackjack, but they’re getting a great experience thrown in for good measure.

Lightning Blackjack Rules

Rules for games of this type in the main will surround the betting that takes place. As always, akin to standard blackjack, punters will be placing their bets before the game actually starts. So, while there is nothing new here, it’s also important to remember to get wagers in place, or you’ll miss the boat.

We gave timers a quick mention earlier, and they have to be taken into account where rules are concerned too. While players are at liberty to make their own decisions, be it hitting, standing, splitting or doubling. They must do so within an allotted period of time.

It’s also important to be aware of how the multipliers in the game work. For example, it’s not a case of you win a round, the multiplier appears, and it applies to the payout you just received. Instead, it applies next time around. It’s something many will overlook.

Again, as with all live casino titles, the game is playing out in real-time. The host is there to interact with players, which means there are rules about how those in the chat should communicate and so on. Treating everyone with respect and refraining from using abusive language is the way to go.

Best Casinos To Play Lightning Blackjack

When a game is made by Evolution, you can be sure that it will be in demand. The Evolution Gaming name is massive in the online casino industry, and this is only going to be a positive for players. It ultimately means that they’ll be able to take their pick as far as the best online casinos are concerned.

Playing at the best casinos the internet has to offer comes with a lot of perks. For example, when a gaming site has Evolution’s content catalogue available, it also means that other titles such as Lightning Roulette will be ready to play too, which is definitely a bonus.

The better online casinos also take live gaming more seriously, with dedicated sections on hand for players to explore. And, because of the growth of this type of content, it means that operators want to get as many punters as possible involved in the action.

One way of doing this is to introduce bonuses that can be used on games such as Lightning Blackjack. New players can add funds to their account for the first time and come away with a welcome offer that they can use in conjunction with the game. The best online casinos will always find ways to reward their customers, whether they’re new or existing.

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Lightning Blackjack Tips

If you’re planning to play Lightning Blackjack, the first tip we have for you is to learn the basics of blackjack itself. Lightning Blackjack is just the standard game with a couple of tweaks here and there. So, knowing all the basics is going to be essential for anyone ahead of playing.

You’re also going to be dealing with timers when you play, so it’s also important to learn how to think a couple of steps ahead. The timers are there to put players under pressure. But, if you practice, you will soon find it easy to deal with them.

What is often the case with blackjack is that punters will deploy strategies that they believe are going to help them win. But, in our opinion, players are best going with a style that suits them rather than trying to fit a strategy that they’re not comfortable with or isn’t really proven.

And, of course, managing your bankroll is key. You want to be playing for as long as possible, as that means you will ultimately get your hands on more multipliers this way. So, stick with a wagering plan that will give you longevity, as it can lead to bigger rewards.


Has Evolution Gaming ever made a bad game? We can’t think of one. And while this may be a review of Lightning Blackjack, the Evolution Gaming name carries a lot of weight here. Punters will be drawn to play the game in the first instance because of who the developers are, and that’s fine.

Of course, there is more to Lightning Blackjack than the studio who makes the game. While retaining everything players know and love about blackjack, Evolution make subtle tweaks that move the game’s excitement and winning potential up a notch or two. And, you must factor in that the whole experience is interactive, with the host on hand to chat throughout. For many, it’s the live gaming experience that will really appeal.

  • · It’s still blackjack
  • · Multipliers can provide significant boosts
  • · Betting range is inviting
  • · RTP is impressive
  • · Mobile-friendly title
  • Many may feel standard blackjack is more fitting
  • Fast rounds mean you can lose money quick
  • There are timers, so decisions have to happen fast
  • The live approach won’t be for everyone

There will be eight decks containing fifty-two cards active in Lightning Blackjack.

The return to player available in this game is a stunning 99.56%.

The smallest wager you can make per round is £1.

The largest bet a player can make is £5,000.

The biggest return possible pays at 36.5:1.

Blackjack pays at odds of 3:2 in this release from Evolution Gaming.

Yes, the dealer will interact with players as the action unfolds.

Yes, side bets are available in Lightning Blackjack.

The smallest multiplier available is 2x.

The biggest multiplier you can win is 25x.

You must be eighteen or over to play Lightning Roulette in most jurisdictions. However, you may have to be twenty-one to enjoy the game online in some areas.


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