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Since 2009, AstroPay has implemented a myriad of payment solutions for international customers. The corporations approach focused on providing a mobile & online means to making payments. As such, gamblers in Eurasia and Latin America have flourished behind AstroPay.

Online gambling has progressed as more adults learn about the financial incentives & entertaining gameplay offered through this marketplace. That interest prompts recruits to investigate the various characteristics related to online gambling.

In turn, these individuals learn that establishing an account and utilizing a payment method is required before video slots or table games can become playable. There’s an assortment of payment options accessible to punters, whereby eWallets and debit transactions are commonly utilized methods.

Some forget that prepaid transactions are authorized, as are credit cards. For those wanting to interact with a Credit/Prepaid Card, there’ll be brands like AstroPay that provide those services.

It’ll be learned quickly by newcomers that Debit Cards & Prepaid Cards are distinctly advantageous when depositing. Therefore, AstroPay is preferential when funding an account for its prompt processing.

Preferential treatment isn’t generated solely through the processing of deposits. Therefore, malicious programs cannot obtain financial data on AstroPay.

AstroPay employs defense algorithms that’ll defend users whenever their interacting with an online casino. That’ll benefit international clientele as AstroPay authorizes nineteen currencies for usage, whereby ten languages are also supported. This means AstroPay LLP accomplished their goal of providing a global payment solution.

Consequently, there are millions worldwide employing this Prepaid/Credit Card. A large percentage of those individuals are gamblers wagering with an online casino.

Deposit via AstroPay at Online Casino

Novices who haven’t gambled previously are recommended to choose a video slot demo before competing for real money. That’ll give them an advantage when wagering for the first time. Depositing into an online casino via AstroPay requires punters to follow predetermined guidelines, which include:

  • Transfer funds from your bank account to AstroPay.
  • Complete the casinos account signup procedures.
  • Select AstroPay for depositing through the payments page.
  • Enter the amount that’ll be deposited for that transaction.
  • Click the Submit option to complete the depositing procedures.
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AstroPay Payment Solutions

Depositing or Withdrawing with AstroPay means having an understanding of the payment solutions. For novices unaware of this term, payment solutions account for which banking products are provided through AstroPay. As mentioned previously, consumers can acquire a prepaid card or credit service.

It’ll be challenging to ascertain the AstroPay Credit Card following its minor availability in Europe and America. However, Residents of Asia won’t struggle in locating the credit payment solution.

Typically, players are recommended to use the prepaid option. It’s widely accessible with various banking institutions & authorizes punters to remove cash from an ATM. Therefore, landlocked gamblers themselves can access AstroPay to fund their betting endeavours. Other than largescale banking institutions, few payment methods allow an ATM Transaction. This characteristic enables AstroPay’s prominent growth in a short period.

To proceed with this payment method, readers must formalize an account with AstroPay & connect their banking institution to the prepaid card. We’d recommend that before utilizing this payment option, guarantee that your banking service can be interconnected with AstroPay. Not every national bank in Europe, Asia, and Latin America are approved for security purposes. That means little research is involved when creating an AstroPay Account.

Regardless of which banking institution is chosen, there’ll be zero fees associated with using AstroPay. This company makes money by charging casinos & online retailers a minor licensing fee. As such, participating members aren’t required to pay transaction fees before staking wagers with a casino. Transferring your monthly income from a banking service to AstroPay won’t alleviate that institution’s monthly expenses. All banks worldwide charge a nominal fee for consumers to use an account.


Upholding the financial transactions players sustain with AstroPay is significant for the parent company. As such, defence algorithms are introduced to safeguard each deposit with an online casino or retailer.

Some question how their transactions are protected, believing that hackers are stronger than programs based around artificial intelligence. That belief is unwarranted as 128-Bit SSL Encryption cannot be broken easily. The reason being? It’ll take an average of ten years of malicious programs to breakthrough secure socket layered banking.

Mobile punters receive additional protection on their smartphones that most desktop & laptop enthusiasts don’t receive.

Named the Near Field Communications Program, mobile devices cannot interact unless players authorize the connection. This means in-person attempts to break through AstroPay’s services won’t be capable. Android and iOS take the inclusion of NFC seriously with each update. AstroPay witnesses that same level of dedication with their inclusion of SSL Encryption, as evidenced by the quarterly updates released to consumers.

Before accounts can be funded, verifying the banking credentials provided to that casino is needed.

The prepaid & credit card format for AstroPay means that withdrawing funds isn’t authorized.

Players utilizing the prepaid option can fund their accounts from $10.00 to $1,000.00 with each transaction.

Some casinos target fanbases with unique bonuses themed around the AstroPay banking option.

Directly through this payment providers website, whereby players can complete the signup form.

Players can close their accounts with AstroPay at any time without providing any reason.

Players who deposit with an online casino or retailer are sent a transaction code if something unfortunate happens.

Yes, Casinos allow punters to access the promotions page with a prepaid card.

By calling the 1-800 Number from the official AstroPay website, assistance can be provided if your prepaid card isn’t completing any transactions.

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