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Theme: Casino, Poker

Volatility: High

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Blackjack Switch

We recently checked out Blackjack Perfect Pairs. And, while it does bring a bit of something different to the table where blackjack is concerned, it wasn’t revolutionary, and it didn’t impact the game at all. However, what we’re looking at today in Blackjack Switch, is a version of the game that breaks the mould.

Blackjack Switch does offer something completely different and unique, and this is the kind of thing many players have been waiting for.

Again, Blackjack Switch has the solid foundation of the original game behind it, with the switch part influencing the hands on the player’s side.

Simply put, Blackjack Switch is playing blackjack with bets on two hands, but the player can switch the second cards dealt to them if they feel it will be beneficial.

Alongside this, if the dealer has a hand of twenty-two, they won’t go bust as they would in the traditional game. It is known as a push, which means it’s a draw unless a player lands a blackjack in pure form. Any blackjacks occurring via a Switch or a split will not count. The man people have to thank for all of the above is Geoff Hall, a renowned casino games creator.


It can be pretty daunting whenever it comes to playing blackjack when it moves away from the standard style of play. But, fear not, where Blackjack Switch is concerned, there will be no worries on any front as it’s incredibly straightforward and easy to get to grips with, even for beginners.

If you’re playing Blackjack Switch, you will notice a couple of differences from the get-go because instead of making one wager, you will make two. And they will be identical. But, at the same point, any side bets you plan to place, something we will come onto later, will also happen at this point.

Just before the cards are dealt, any side bets will be settled, and then the dealer will press on. On receiving the second card, the player will then decide whether they want to switch the second cards between hands or not.

Once the decision is made, the game will play out as normal, with the player hitting, standing, doubling or splitting on both hands. The dealer will then play their hand and make their decisions, and then all remaining bets will be settled ahead of a new round of the game beginning.

Best Casinos To Play Blackjack Switch

If you’re playing blackjack at an Online Casino in the traditional way. You will likely be able to play Blackjack Switch in the same place. It’s because gaming operators are very much open to the idea of having multiple versions of blackjack available to their punters, knowing they will help the platform appeal to a broader audience.

Having Blackjack Switch available is also a sign of an operator being innovative, which is another plus in the online casino world. Players want to see fresh content that offers something different instead of being stuck repeatedly cycling through the same old. And this is why on some platforms, it will be front and centre where blackjack selections are concerned.

For players, the best casinos to play Blackjack Switch at are the ones that really go to town with blackjack in general. So, if they know what they’re doing where blackjack is concerned, you know they will do a good job with Blackjack Switch. And, it would be even better if there are live versions and AI or auto variants of Switch, too.

Finally, the best casinos will all have promotions running. Using these promos, punters may be able to gain an advantage with free chips or casino credits when playing Blackjack Switch, leading to better wins and payouts.

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We always say that any version of blackjack that breaks the norm is always going to be well received, as long as elements of the traditional game remain. And that’s the case in Blackjack Switch.

It’s classic blackjack, with a bit of added spice, which is enough to keep people on their toes, even those who are experienced blackjack players.

What is really fun about Blackjack Switch is that it brings another dynamic to the game. It really gets you thinking, as you are deliberating whether switching the second cards will prove worthwhile or not. And, there is the added bonus of knowing that if you switch hands, you could improve your chances of winning, which wouldn’t be possible in the standard game.

Blackjack Switch Rules

There aren’t really any specific rules where Blackjack switch is concerned. So, if you know the rules and the basics of classic blackjack, you are very much all set. There are, however, points worth noting if you’re playing a Switch version, and they will stand you in good stead as you play.

The first point is that before the cards are dealt, you must place two identical bets, one for each hand. And, if you want to get involved with a Super Match side bet, you will also make the wager at the same time. If you don’t do this before the cards are dealt, you won’t have the option to switch or to cash in a side bet.

When the dealer gives the player their two cards, this is when the punter will have the opportunity to make the switch. Unfortunately, it is only available at this point, so it’s essential to decide whether or not to make the play or if to stick with the original card lineup in each hand.

After deciding whether to switch, and going on to hit, stand, double or split, the Switch period is over, and the player at this point can make no further changes. After that, the game will continue as usual.

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Blackjack Switch Tips

When playing Blackjack Switch, especially the first couple of times, the crucial thing to do is to get to grips with playing with a couple of hands. And knowing that one hand can positively or negatively impact the other, depending on whether the player decides to switch cards between hands or not.

And then, akin to what we see with classic blackjack, it’s up to the player to devise their own strategy. Yes, you can check online for ones that others have developed, but the thing about strategy is that you yourself must be comfortable with your method of attack.

The strategy you put to work will, of course, depend on the value of the hands in play. So, for example, you may decide you are going to hit at a specific value or stick. And this, of course, can be and will likely be, dependant on the cards the dealer has in play, too.

Following a simple strategy or a few basic pointers will serve punters well, as there is still a lot of luck involved in Blackjack Switch as everything will depend on the draw of the cards for the player and the dealer.

Why Blackjack Switch Is So Popular?

We have said before with variants of blackjack that most of them, Switch included, will always prove popular because you’re still playing the traditional version. And, blackjack is, after all, one of the most popular cards games of all time. So, games like Blackjack Switch have a head start of sorts over other titles that may be entirely new for the online casino scene, for example.

What punters like is having a better chance to win. They want to see their chances of success improved where possible, and Blackjack Switch ticks this box with aplomb.

When you play Blackjack Switch and have your two hands in play, you have the opportunity to strengthen one, which will, at times, see you win hands.

And, as with other versions of blackjack, you can also place what is known as a Super Match side bet in most instances when playing Switch. So, not only do you have improved chances of winning because you can switch the second card dealt to you, but you can also win extra in the same game. The Super Match side bet will revolve around drawing pairs, three of a kind or four of a kind, across the two hands the punter has in play.


  • Increased chances to win
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Super Match side bet
  • Can win more than once in a round
  • You’re still playing blackjack


  • Playing with two hands will be tricky for some
  • You can make the wrong decision to switch
  • Normal blackjack strategies may not work
  • Dealer doesn’t go bust at twenty-two
  • Blackjack purists won’t be fans

The house edge in Blackback Switch is 0.58%, but variations of the rules can impact the edge positively and negatively.

Usually, a hand of 22 is bust. However, in Blackjack Switch, it will count as a push or a draw. Unless a player has a blackjack that hasn’t come via a switch or a split.

Blackjack switch was created by Geoff Hall, who is an inventor of casino games.

Yes. Leading developers such as Playtech have made Blackjack Switch titles that are available at some of the top online casinos.

You can only switch your second cards when they are initially dealt. After this, the game of blackjack will play out as normal.

The number of decks, automatic wins and a dealer standing on a soft seventeen will all impact the house edge.

The odds in a Super Match bet payout are evens for a pair, 5/1 for three of a kind, 8/1 for two pairs, and you will get 40/1 for four of a kind.

Yes. We recommend having a couple of dummy runs with no cash involved to get used to playing with two hands and having the switch option.

The primary difference between Super Match and 21+3 is that pairs and three of a kind will come from the two hands in the player’s hands, rather than the player’s cards and a dealer’s upcard.

The dealer having to stand or hit on a soft seventeen will vary from casino to casino. So, check the rules first.

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