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Game Provider: Nucleus Gaming


Paylines: 0

Min Bet: $1

Max Bet: $50

Progressive: N/A

Type: Video Poker

Theme: Casino, Poker

Volatility: High

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Bonus Poker

You could be forgiven for thinking that Bonus Poker, the subject of today’s review, is a version of the original form of poker with a bit of an addition here and there that can be classed as a bonus. However, Bonus Poker is actually a take on video poker, which is one of the most popular casino games around, primarily on the floors of gaming venues in the USA.

Video Poker does essentially what it says on the tin. It’s poker, in a sort of video game form akin to slots, that involves fast-paced and exciting gameplay that everyone seems to love.

There are many types of video poker on the market, and they’re playable and as popular online as they are at land-based casinos.

One of the best-loved versions is known as Jacks or Better, and it’s this game that bonus poker takes inspiration from and is a variant of.

In short, Bonus Poker is Jacks or Better, but there are bonus payouts available if a player lands a four of a kind hand. The payout that will be delivered for the four of a kind will, of course, depends on the rank of the cards that make up the hand.


At the start of bonus poker, which works similarly to Jacks or Better, a player will choose how many coins they want to bet with, and then they will receive a hand containing five cards. Because this is a version of draw poker, players can choose to discard as many cards as they like, and new ones will replace them. It’s the final hand that will count towards the payout.

Similarly to Jacks or Better, punters will be looking for hands that rank the highest, as they will deliver the biggest prizes. A pair of jacks or better will form the lower-paying rewards on the paytable, with the Royal Flush usually the big player.

But this is bonus poker we’re playing, so there will be extra or bonus payouts when punters have four of a kind in hand. And, the prize they receive will be determined by the rank of the cards.

With how Bonus Poker works, players will be able to determine how likely they are of winning because the odds will always be based on a deck of fifty-two cards. So you could say it gives bonus poker the edge over slots because there would be no feasible way of knowing how likely specific symbols are to appear.

Best Casinos To Play Bonus Poker

Video Poker is one of the most popular forms of content at online and mobile casinos today. And, as you will imagine, Jacks or Better is the type of game you will see the most. But, because Bonus Poker is Jacks or Better, with a better payout for four of a kind, it’s now common to see at all the top online gaming platforms.

Bonus Poker is the type of game that you will often find in a video poker collection at online casinos, because operators have moved away from just having the odd title available here and there.

Usually, you’re looking at a selection of 10+, so if you want to play bonus poker, it’s not going to be hard to find at the best sites.

Because of video poker’s popularity, it’s naturally going to be included in promotions and bonuses where possible at online casinos, which is fantastic news for punters.

If a player can find bonuses they can use when playing Bonus Poker, and then they land a big prize in the form of a four of the kind of a Royal Flush, they will get more bang for their buck.

In addition, they’re usually available for both new and existing members at the better online gaming sites, which is a plus point.

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18+ New Players Only. Min. Wagering Requirement. Valid until Further Notice. Full T&C's Apply


Video Poker is a fantastic game in its own right, and then it’s been made better with the creation of Jacks or Better. Knowing that bonus poker is a better paying version of Jacks or Better tells you everything you need to know. And it’s why so many people are keen to play bonus poker when they log onto an online casino.

There has also been an increase in effort by gaming operators where video poker is concerned to increase the variety offered in selections. So it makes bonus poker more readily available. And, as we have mentioned above, there is also bonus poker deluxe on the market too, which is another version of the game that is worth checking out.

Bonus Poker Rules

Bonus Poker is basically Jacks or Better, but with a better payout available where a hand of four of a kind is concerned. So, as far as rules go, there are no extra ones to be aware of. And, if you’re playing video poker, there aren’t any major rules anyway, which is why it’s such as excellent pick-up and play option.

Players should remember that when they load into the game, they should, at this point, select the amount they wish to stake. Once the game begins, you won’t be able to adjust how many coins you have in play.

It’s also worth noting that when the initial five cards are dealt to you, you can discard as many or as few of them as you like. Again, this is the only time you will be able to make this decision before your final hand forms, which is the one that will ultimately count when it comes to payouts.

The final point worth remembering is that the four of a kind payout splits into three parts – four aces, four 2s, 3s or 4s, and a general four of a kind. So the higher rank of the cards, the better the prize will be.

Bonus Poker Tips

People who play video poker regularly will tell you that there will only ever be one successful way to play each hand. And, it will all come down to the cards that are dealt initially and the decisions you make from the get-go. Making the right call at the right time is how you can go on and become a winner.

What we will add at this juncture is that there are some excellent prizes available in bonus poker, such as what is on offer when a Royal Flush comes in. But, to maximise the payout, you must be using the top stake available.

Of course, you should only do this if it fits into your bankroll ability and strategy, but landing a Royal Flush or a good hand with a lower stake will result in smaller prizes.

The final tip is to check your hand and see where you can improve it. For example, if you have a straight, a flush, a full house or a Royal Flush, you will stick with it and pick up your winnings. On any other hand, you will be able to discard in your favour in many instances, hoping to land something better.


  • Bonus poker is available at lots of online casinos
  • One of the best paying versions of video poker
  • Game takes inspiration from Jacks or Better
  • Perfect for mobile play
  • Good prizes up for grabs for four of a kind


  • Some punters will prefer bonus poker deluxe
  • It’s not an evolution of video poker or Jacks or Better
  • Odds of winning big are stacked against you
  • The payback percentage is in the casino’s favour
  • Can incur losses quickly due to fast gameplay

A Royal Flush is the top paying hand, and it will usually payout at 800 to 1. So, if the max bet is five coins, as it is in most places, you could take home a 4000 coin prize.

The four of a kind payouts are broken down into four aces at 80 to 1, four 2s, 3s or 4s at 40/1 and any other type of four of a kind paying at 25/1.

Usually, the average payback percentage hovers around the 99.17% mark. But it can vary.

Yes, there is bonus poker deluxe, which will offer a single payout for all four of a kind hands.

Yes, online casinos have free and cash versions of bonus poker available for their members to enjoy.

All Bonus Poker titles will be compatible with mobile play.

You must be eighteen or over at most online casinos to play Bonus Poker.

Full Pay Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are fantastic options for video poker fans.

Yes, Bonus Poker uses RNG to ensure all results are fair.

No, you can control your stake and how many hands you play an hour. Players with smaller bankrolls will find bonus poker accessible and enjoyable.

Bonus Poker is as fun to play online as it is offline. And it’s incredibly popular in both settings.

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