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Game Provider: Nucleus Gaming


Paylines: 0

Min Bet: $0.10

Max Bet: $5000

Progressive: N/A

Type: Table Game

Theme: Interactive

Volatility: High

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American Blackjack

Is American Blackjack the most popular card game on the planet? You bet it is. This is fitting, as punters will place bets when playing. Anyway, because of the popularity of blackjack, and akin to what we see with other games such as baccarat, there are multiple versions to get stuck into.

Today we’re checking out American Blackjack, and this indicates to us that the versions of the game that are available online and offline at casinos are largely region-dependent, which is excellent news. And while you may be able to play multiple types of blackjack in various settings, and they may differ from each other, the aim will always be to get as close to twenty-one as possible.

Blackjack is a game that predates most other card, table and casino games, with many believing it has been around since the early 1600s. There are records of it being played in France and Britain in the 1770s, so it has certainly stood the test of time.

It’s now currently available to play at most if not all online casinos, and many choose to play it offline at land-based venues, or with friends in private settings, with blackjack remaining a game for all.


At the start of a round of American Blackjack, the player and the dealer will receive two cards each. The cards dealt to the player will arrive face down, while the dealer will have a card face up and a card face down.

The aim is to get as close to twenty-one as possible without going bust.

The player will have their hand in play first, and they can keep drawing until they hit twenty-one, get as close to it as they like, or they go bust. It works slightly differently for the dealer because if their first two cards have a value of sixteen or less, they must draw another card. They can stand when they have a hand worth seventeen or more.

For anyone wondering, the difference between American Blackjack and most others is primarily that the dealer will receive a card face up at the start of the round.

It will, of course, present the opportunity for the dealer to land an ace with their face-up card, which, if accompanied by a picture card, will mean they hit twenty-one, and the round is over. So, any players at the table, online or offline, will automatically lose.

Best Casinos To Play American Blackjack

Make no mistake about it, if you want to play American Blackjack Online, you are going to be able to do so at most Casinos. What is often the case for gaming operators is that they want to offer blackjack to their punters, but they want to put together a complete collection, which naturally includes multiple versions, with the American-style being one of them.

And let’s face it, American Blackjack is one of the most popular styles on the planet. As we always say, operators want to give their members what they want. And because of American Blackjack’s popularity, and because the odds are slightly better, there is a thirst for it, which is why it populates many table game offerings in the online casino world.

The excellent news for players is that American Blackjack isn’t a game that will only be available to play at specific online casinos or those operating in more of a niche market.

You can play it on all the best sites, without a doubt. And, when you’re playing at top online casinos, there are a lot of positives that will come with it.

For example, because of how popular blackjack is in its various guises, there will often be bonuses that take it into their thinking. So, you can expect to see sign up offers include perks such as blackjack free chips and more.

It doesn’t really matter what version of blackjack you’re playing; it’s always a fun game and one that is for everyone, which is crucial.

In addition, there is something satisfying about being able to load a game of blackjack and be up to speed with how it works in a few rounds. And this applies as much to American Blackjack as it does to the other versions out there.

Finally, we will add that we love American Blackjack more than other styles because you get better odds. Better odds is what we’re here for. And while we will naturally play different styles of blackjack, we know this is an advantage when we fire up a game with the American flavour.

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American Blackjack Rules

In American Blackjack, there will be a dealer and a player. There can be up to eight decks in play when the action is taking place online, which again makes card counting and other techniques used to gain an edge impossible. All the decks in play will be shuffled before each round begins.

The player must place their wager before the round begins, and this will often be in the form of chips, which makes understanding the betting in American Blackjack a doddle. When the bet is finalised, a punter will click deal to get the action underway.

As we mentioned above, a difference between American Blackjack and other styles is that the dealer will receive a card face up with the other face down, which is worth bearing in mind. When the cards are in play, original bets cannot be altered.

There is the opportunity for side bets to come into the picture, but this will depend on the game you are playing. The aim is always to have a hand worth twenty-one or as close to it as possible. And, hitting, standing and splitting can all play their part in making this happen.

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American Blackjack Tips

If you look online, you will find loads of tips that relate to playing blackjack, some are helpful, and some are not. The best thing to do is to first master the basics. Know the rules and the way American Blackjack works inside out. You can do this by reading up on it, watching videos and combining all this with playing versions of the game where no money is on the line.

After mastering the basics, it’s time to develop a strategy. Now, you’re going to see loads of systems on the internet, telling you when to hit, when to stand, and so on. However, developing a style of play that suits you is the best option because you will believe in it and are more likely to have success this way.

We will add a couple of general takes before we close, such as not taking the insurance bet. Just don’t do it because the house edge will be around 6% here. And remember to bet smart. Starting off small is a good idea. Stay consistent, too, whether you’re on a good streak or one that is seeing you lose cash. Stick with your devised wagering strategy throughout, regardless.

Why American Blackjack Is So Popular?

It doesn’t really matter what type or version of blackjack you’re playing; it is always going to be popular because blackjack is the best-loved card game on the planet.

One of the significant attractions of blackjack, the American version, is that it is a game everyone can pick up easily. In addition, it isn’t an over-complicated game, so most can master the basics after a couple of rounds.

When you have mastered the basics, it’s where American Blackjack can become really fun, as players can develop their own strategy. Yes, blackjack is based on luck. The luck of the initial draw and the luck when drawing additional cards. However, systems of when to hit or stand can be devised, which adds elements of thinking, anticipation and excitement.

You can also play American Blackjack in any setting you are comfortable with – online, offline, on mobile, or in private settings. A lot of popularity where games such as these are concerned comes via accessibility, and American BJ is a game for everyone, at any time.


  • Better odds than the European version
  • Live dealer versions are available
  • Playable on mobile devices
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Acceptable house edge


  • Faster gameplay can lead to quicker losses
  • Some bonuses will come with strict wagering requirements
  • If you play online, card counting is impossible
  • Live dealer games can be slower paced
  • Full tables can often see rounds drag

There will be up to eight decks in use at any one time.

Yes, the American version trumps the European version where the odds are concerned.

The house edge usually ranges from 0.31% to 0.35%.

Natural blackjack results in 3 to 2, insurance 2 to 1 and other ways 1 to 1.

Some people employ card counting techniques to improve their chances of winning.

Insurance is when a punter places a side bet if the dealer draws an ace initially, which can go on to become a natural.

Yes, you can play American-style blackjack for free in loads of places. And we recommend you do as it will allow you to master the basics and learn how to play.

You can choose to split when the two cards you are dealt initially are of the same value. However, a second wager will be required.

If you surrender, you are ending the hand immediately and forfeiting half of the wager in the process.

Yes, the house edge will increase with more decks in use.

Usually, being eighteen or over is the required legal age to play American Blackjack online or offline. However, it is likely that you must be twenty-one and over in some places.

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